Welcome to Scott Roofing & Building Maintenance.

I pride myself on providing a polite, efficient service, offering practical and economical solutions for repairs, replacement or improvement works while retaining and achieving the aesthetic finish as well practical required. Any works, especially repairs, I keep a photo diary of before, during and completion of works, which in turns provide you, the customer the information to understand what repairs or other works may be required or completed. Honesty and integrity is paramount and i believe in providing a good, efficient and reliable service to all. ‘Small hole, I fix a Small hole, big hole, I fix a big hole’, metaphorically speaking! No sucking the air through the teeth or rubbing of the chin and giving you the customer a rough price. All repairs will be quoted for in a written format, breaking down the works, materials and labour required. With regard to maintenance of any property I believe, ‘Prevention is the Cure’ or at least in keeping potential costs down. To that end should you be thinking maybe Its about time I had the roof checked for example then please call and providing you live within the Greater Manchester area and the roof access is suitable, then i will be more than happy to come look at the roof for you and and take photos so you can see its present condition. I look forward to you enquiry.